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"If Your Child Was In Danger, Would You Know How To Respond Or Just
Watch Helplessly?"

Kids 1st Aid provides an affordable, 10 Module video training course delivered by experienced EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters. The online training is designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergency situations.

  • Learn how to respond to the most common emergencies kids are exposed to...
  • Informative and engaging online training hosted by qualified professionals...
      • Seeing Your Child In An Emergency
        Can Be Horrifying - Feeling Helpless is Worse

        Learn How to Stay Calm, Take Control of the Situation and Respond in the Critical Moments Before Help Arrives.

        If your child were to suffer from one of these serious or even potentially life-threatening situations, would you know how to save your child's life?

        • CPR
        • Drowning
        • Allergies & Anaphylaxis
        • Choking
        • Bites & Stings
        • Seizures & Fevers
        • Poisoning
        • Fractures & Bleeding
        • Burns
        • Breathing Difficulties

        The Kids 1ST Aid Paramedics will teach you exactly that.

        Dear Fellow Parent,

        Imagine this...your child suddenly experiences a medical emergency. You instantly call 911.

        Then what?

        Either...you stand there helplessly as you wait for the ambulance to arrive...


        You know how to take the precise medical steps to help your child—in the crucial minutes before the paramedics arrive.

        Knowing the correct procedures CAN make the difference between life and death.

        And yes—you can learn the correct procedures…in about 3 hours.

        We’re Professionals – and Parents

        All Kids 1st Aid presenters are EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighter with years of “hands on” experience. Most of our trainers have children and grandchildren and can provide first hand experiences.

        Many times, we’re called to the scene of an accident involving a child. And many times, we leave the scene thinking...

        “If only the parent had known some basic first aid techniques, the child’s chances of a speedy recovery could have been much, much higher...”

        We can’t stress this enough...


        Kids 1st Aid specializes in teaching parents and caregivers how to deal with the 10 most common emergency situations facing our children…using current first aid protocols, presented in an easy-to-remember and entertaining format.

        When you purchase our training, you'll learn how to calmly and correctly respond to these common first aid emergencies...

        • CPR
        • Drowning
        • Allergies & Anaphylaxis
        • Choking
        • Bites & Stings
        • Seizures & Fevers
        • Poisoning
        • Fractures & Bleeding
        • Burns
        • Breathing Difficulties

        Here's what Kids 1st Aid attendees have to say about our online training...


        The course provided me with the confidence to know how to react to any number of real life situations I may find myself in with small children.

        Within a week of having completed the course, we were already able to rely on what we learnt when faced with a situation involving our toddler. This course was such a positive experience and I would highly recommend to anyone who is around young kids.

        — Alexis


        With the help of our training, you’ll sleep easy knowing that you're prepared for almost any emergency.

        • If your child is burned or scalded, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child eats something and starts choking, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child experiences a sudden seizure, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child has been underwater and drowning, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child is suffering from a super-high fever, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child suffers a severe allergic reaction, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child swallows poison or a household substance, you'll be prepared.
        • If your child has an accident and breaks a bone, you'll be prepared.

        Thousands of parents and caregivers have taken our courses and gained peace of mind knowing they can deal with an emergency situation.

        For the Price of a Dinner Out, You Can Know PRECISELY How to Deal with Your Child's Emergency...

        Our most popular course is the Kids 1st Aid — 3-Hour Course

        This engaging and practical application course covers the 10 most common emergency situations. At the end of 3-hours, you'll know precisely how to deal with the emergency situation before the paramedics and first responders arrive. You will have access to a poster to remind you of the correct techniques.

        Your entire 10 Module video training is just $149. A nominal sum to ensure you're equipped to respond to a first aid emergency, whenever the need arises.


        Unlike many other first aid courses, qualified and experienced professionals - many of whom are parents themselves, deliver ALL of our workshops.

        Remember...your knowledge and skill of first aid could be crucial to your child's wellbeing

        As paramedics and parents, we know the crucial importance of the first few minutes during an emergency. What happens in these critical first few minutes can make all the difference when it comes to your child's wellbeing. Know the correct techniques and you can significantly help your child — or another.

        For just $149 you can learn the correct techniques—in a online course led by
        experienced EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters

        P.S. Please don't delay your decision to purchase. Although we hope you never have to use first aid in a critical situation, it's better to be safe than sorry.